Thank you for visiting DB-Designs. Now that the site is somewhat back up and running, there are still some tweaks that need to be done to the site to get everything working, and more photography posted. Please bear with us while we get everything working properly. And thank you so much for not only your patience, but also your continued support of DB-Designs Photography.

You can find DB-Designs Photography Note Cards at the following retailers:

The Olympia Food Co-op (both Eastside and Westside Stores) – Olympia WA

The Brilliant Moon – Shelton WA

(If you know of any retailers in your area that might like to carry our Note Cards, please pass along the name of their buyer to us. If they carry our products, we will send you an assorted box of Note Cards as a thank you to you).

You can find an assortment of DB-Designs Photography Products at:

The Brilliant Moon – Shelton WA

Also, if you would like to check out the shows (Fairs/Festivals/Arts Walk/etc) DB-Designs will be at, the following calendar shows the dates and times when and where DB-Designs will be displaying work for sale:

DB-Designs Photography Showings

Thank you to all that have come to my shows. I appreciate your continued support.

Further info on these, and any other showings, can be found via the calendar link (DB-Designs Photography Showings) above.


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